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Grapevine Network

The Best Virtual Space for Networking Workplaces Conferences Career Fairs Meeting Rooms Happy Hours Higher Ed Event Managers

After trying Grapevine, you'll never want to network on Zoom again.

Don't let being remote take away the convenience of popping by each other's desks.

Attendees can use your Room Directory to move between different presentations or networking rooms.

Line up to talk to companies you're interested in, just like real life.

Personalize your meeting space, and break off to side tables during negotations.

Join your friends with your favorite beverage and move between tables of 2-20. Set a timer to shuffle the tables for extra fun!

Career fairs, Alumni networking, Class reunions - Grapevine is perfect for all things Higher Ed.

Manage events for all your clients via a single login, and keep billing separate.

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Plans starting at $30/month.
Free for up to 5 attendees.
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Virtual Event Rooms
Grapevine makes it easy to create engaging virtual events, or to provide a virtual venue alongside your in-person venue.  Networking, Seminars, Speed Dating, Panel Discussions, Webinars, the list goes on...
2 to 500 attendees
Customize almost everything in your room to make it your own.
Built-in chat lets messages be sent to table members, the entire event, and directly between attendees. You can even use polls to collect votes and opinions on the fly.
Single login for entire event. No more jumping between different video platforms.
Create multi-member organizations, so all your team members can manage and host events together.
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Virtual Workspaces
Your own virtual office with desks for each team member. Don't let being remote take away the convenience of popping by each other's desks.
In the real world, I left my [office] door open if available to chat, closed if I was busy, or cracked if available for important questions. Grapevine replicates this perfectly.
Customize almost everything in your workplace to make it your own.
Sit at your desk when you're available for drop-ins, and lock the door to avoid interruptions.
Add conference tables to your room and video chat with up to 20 people.
Integrate your calendar to display a message on your desk when you're busy. (Coming soon!)
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Virtual Gathering Rooms
For whatever it is you and your friends like to do.
Happy hour, game night, knitting circles...
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